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Learning to Listen &

Create a New Language

When you speak; your horse is silent, when you are silent; your horse speaks

After many years of teaching common methods of working with horses, I reached a dead end, where I felt there was nothing more for me to learn from humans. This is the gift that allowed a new door to open in my life, where horses began to take the teaching role & took my learning curve in a whole new direction. Horses can teach us that they have never had a voice & how to hear that voice, in order to create mutual communication & understanding. This lifetime has been dedicated to the personal observation & study of the horse/human relationship & the intricate inner workings of the equine/human mind. I am here to help you change the perceptions of everything you thought you knew. This revolutionary new process centres around giving our horses a voice through Emotional Balancing, thought Redirection without Correction, the Magnetic Connection & no gadgets. These new perceptions will eliminate the need for common ideologies that are deemed vital & necessary & prove through personal experience & real time feedback from our horse, that we are responsible for creating the opposite effect of what we're trying to achieve.

The FEARLESS PROCESS is a role reversal, where our horses become the teachers as we learn to allow the process of becoming the students. All that is required is an open mind that's willing to observe & analyze our own roles in the relationship & replacing the habit of dictation with learning to listen & have mutual discussions. We begin by slowing down & becoming quiet to deeply see the details of ours & our horse's body language, we can begin to understand what they're thinking & feeling in every moment which will offer our horse an opportunity to speak to us through body language initially & give our horses a true voice, through personal expression. We will begin to see through the first part of the FEARLESS PROCESS; PARAMETERS, why it's not necessary to address behaviour individually or directly & how we've unintentionally taught our horses to disconnect from us. Horses naturally live in an expanded state of awareness, where people have become accustomed to living in a contracted state of awareness. We will begin to explore & understand these differences through the 4 exercises created just for humans, as experiential proof of this & how we unintentionally force our horses to live in their mind as we do, because it's all we know. Our horses will teach us how to expand our awareness from our heads, back through our entire body as we also help our horse return to this natural expanded state of feeling instead of only thinking.

Why is this process named FEARLESS? Because fear stems from change & the unknown. We fear what we don't understand, when we don't know what's going to happen & relinquishing control of what's going on around us. FEARLESS addresses the root causes of these fears by showing how to become proficient in not only understanding what's happening in every moment but how to know what's going to happen, so preventative measures can be taken to fix problems before they can even start. This eliminates the fear of the unknown for our horses & ourselves, when we are able to assess & address each situation, in each moment in order to extinguish the sparks of behaviour expressions, before they expand into infernos. During Parameters, we will learn to recognize & understand ours & our horse's fears, apprehensions and a simple method of overcoming these fears permanently.

As we're beginning to learn how to allow our horse to become the only teacher we'll ever need, our horse will begin to expose previously unrecognized aspects of our own thoughts, emotions & physical habits. This will open a new door to understanding the more subtle details of how our horse has been mirroring us all along. We're not just here to learn to understand & change our horse's behavior, but to understand how our own thoughts & choices are contributing to the problems being experienced. We open this new door of discovery through beginning to listen to our horse & understand what they've been trying to teach us all along. This is very much a personal experiential journey of discovery between you & your horse. Choosing to pull in ideas & methods of other people will only serve to create frustration, confusion & obscure our ability to listen to what our horse is trying to teach us.  If you're willing to commit to the sometimes uncomfortable change of learning something new, then you're in the right place.

We must always be willing to truly consider evidence that contradicts our beliefs and admit that we may be wrong. 

Intelligence isn't knowing everything. It's the ability to challenge everything we know

It's time to challenge the old paradigm of how we view not only our horses, but ourselves & begin to communicate through our horse's natural, physical language, based on Bell Mare guidance, not stallion control & domination. This will enable us to have practical conversations with our horse. We will no longer have to rely on (mis)information from external sources or turn to force & gadgets as a last resort. We will now be able to have discussions with our own horse, to understand the root cause of all unwanted behaviour, how to work together as a team to create lasting solutions & how to allow our horse to lead the discussion so we can ask the right questions. 

This process is the opposite of everything we've been taught about horses, eliminating all doctrines & steps to be memorized & practiced in sequence, training regimens in designated areas, lunging, round penning, addressing behaviour individually & directly, using gadgets & creating blocks of training time. This is because the information hasn't been handed down from books, videos or other people and modified over time. It has come directly from my herd of Mustangs & the countless other animals & people that I have had the privilege of working with over the years & have taken the time to listen to. Normally accepted forms of training teach us how to work from the outside-in; working through the body to affect the mind. The FEARLESS PROCESS teaches how to work from the inside-out; so we don’t have to worry about what’s happening in the body or emotions because they are hardwired to follow the mind & will naturally align with the thoughts. 

Our horses have infinitely more to teach us than we could ever presume to teach them

"It's time to change the rules & return to simplicity" - Tracy Courtney

"An animal's behaviour is a mirror of past 

association & present circumstances ... 

An ego based interpretation of this behaviour, 

is a mirror of something in us"

"We are always trying to put bandaids on outcomes instead of addressing the root causes of input, that create the outcomes" - Tracy Courtney


As a result of not having enough time for my own facility & horses, the decision was made to offer a mobile service only. You are required to provide the space & equipment necessary for the topics of interest. We can work anywhere & under any circumstance, including travelling to parks, shows or wherever needed. We will always create personal sessions that cater to you & your pet's individual questions & needs in this moment

Private instruction - $100/hr

Multiple participants - $80/hr

Two or more hours - $80/hr

Travel fee - $0.50/km



FEARLESS doesn't give you 

a key, it removes the door

This process is about helping both you & your horse or dog reprogram & balance mentally, emotionally & physically. It involves a lot of introspection. If you're not willing to explore your own current thoughts, beliefs & actions, nothing will change.

With the help of your horse or dog, you will learn to quiet your mind & live in this moment, as animals naturally do. How to allow your horse or dog to lead the conversation so you can ask the right questions, to understand the single root cause of all unwanted behaviour & learning to apply a simple formula that will solve any problem. 

This includes behaviours previously considered to be irreversible or dependant on gadgets & drug therapy. These more deeply rooted, unbalanced behaviours will not be quick fixes & will require a dedicated commitment from you & a willingness to change your own perceptions. You must choose to be committed to understanding your contribution to the cause in order to also become the solution

What's New?



Each & every pet is given the best love & the best care as per only your specific instructions. Peace of mind with a reliable, experienced professional

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2.  Free Parameter Demo

We are offering free introductory Parameters demos in exchange for allowing full video coverage with your horse or dog

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3. Instruction

The only predetermined plan I arrive with is Parameters, in order to settle the mind & emotions of everyone involved. Then we move into addressing what's most important for everyone in this particular moment in time. From the moment I arrive, your pet has just as much to say about what emerges as you do & I will translate what is being expressed between both of you, in detail. This can be an unsettling eye opener for how things have been & motivation for moving toward positive changes

New Keys


Equine Mastery Series

Our Mastery series is the culmination of a lifetime of experience, that provides the foundation of our brand new concepts & tools, that won't only show you how to solve all problems, but how to prevent them from happening altogether. Our revolutionary new Emotional Balancing techniques will provide in-depth understanding of the human/horse relationship & delve deep into the inner workings of the human & equine mind

** The Mastery Series is only available through invitation. It's not about mastering the horse but mastering yourself. All horses will naturally respond to your Mastery without effort. This is where the communication barrier is obliterated **

* If you're looking for something you've never seen or heard of before & you're committed to putting the necessary time & effort into changing your circumstances, you're in the right place. If you're expecting the same old cookie-cutter routines of force, learned helplessness & gadgets to make your horse comply, you need to move along to someone else, who's willing to teach these outdated methods


My 18 year old Percheron and I recently started working with Tracy. I wanted to take my skills to another level and Tracy has been teaching me how to read and interpret my horse's emotions through observing all the ways she tries to communicate. We are interacting with her being as a whole, letting mistakes happen so she can learn and rewarding often so that our trust and bond can grow. The day after our first session, she trotted over to me from the other side of the pasture with a spring in her step. Although she never ran away from me, she would never look up from her grazing or ever think about coming to me. This happened again the following day! I loved the fact that it was her idea and not mine. After each session, I feel like I'm getting closer to having an emotionally balanced horse and a trusting partner. I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Laura & Marley

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