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Horse Behaviour is a Reflection of Our Beliefs

Our horses have been patiently waiting to teach us all along but we choose to spend our time copying the thoughts, behaviour & actions of those we have put on a pedestal. Our preoccupation with mimicking what others say & do is the cloud that prevents us from truly understanding & being one with our horses. This keeps us in the unending swirl of causes & effects & out of being in the moment with our horses.

We negate the things our horses are trying to teach us in the moment, by responding to their spontaneity only after interpreting the information through all the words of those we have placed on these pedestals, above ourselves & out of reach. How can we expect to meet our horses in the moment when we are focused on the past & interpretation of information given by humans instead of our horses?

Instead of listening to what our horses have to say, we spend our time supposing, comparing, computing, developing, explaining, justifying, defending & quoting what we think we understand about horses, from the views of others. When it would be so much simpler to drop the minutia of it all & focus on what our horses have to say about horses.

As the image of the moon seen in the water of a pond, is but a reflection of the the behaviour we see in our horses is a reflection of our beliefs.

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