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"The FEARLESS PROCESS is about allowing our pet to 

become the only teacher we'll ever need. We must learn how 

to listen through Parameters & Flow before we can begin 

to have mutually beneficial conversations with our horse or dog " 

People have been conditioned through generations to believe that horses & dogs are always the problem & to search for external sources for blame, complex explanations & even more complex solutions. The fault always lies with sounds, movements, tack, objects & others. What if I said that our horses & dogs are a mirror image of us, reflecting back to us what we emit mentally, emotionally & physically? What if I said that the answer isn't complex, but there is only one single root cause? What if we could begin to recognize & understand what our horses & dogs were thinking & feeling in every single moment? What if we could be shown a simple way to listen & have discussions with our horses & dogs as simply as we speak to other people? The things we have learned & methods currently used don't include these fundamental & foundational understandings, therefore a significant piece of the puzzle is missing to enable us to connect with our horses & dogs at a much deeper level & therefore recognize this single root cause of what we perceive as unwanted behaviour.

When we believe that certain things have to exist or occur in sequence for other things to function correctly, we are trapped & cannot move forward. We alone, are choosing to indulge in thoughts, activities & habits that give us a false sense that these things are necessary for other things to work or to be ok. We must be willing to step outside of our comfort zones & begin to explore everything we think we know & believe in, to open new doors of possibilities. We must be willing to shift our normal & comfortable rigid thought processes of assumptions, comparisons, judgements & blame into an open & inquisitive mindset. We must let go of the stories we believe about how things have & should work. These ideas only serve to create confusion, frustration & cause us to give up & quit. We can't allow space for new understandings if that space is filled with old baggage.

Language is only a medium for communicating one's thoughts to another. It is only called in after the thoughts rise - which creates a delay in what's being perceived & our responses to it. It allows for negation or misinterpretation of the original communication. Quiet is ever speaking, it is beyond words & thoughts. It is a sophisticated form of communication that is interrupted by speaking. Language is composed of not only of verbal, but mental, emotional & physical noise as well, but we don't recognize it as such.

An effect must be preceded by an immediate cause. Feelings & emotions are fluid & they're always changing. We don't decide that we're going to feel happy or sad for an hour, look at our watch & then change our emotions to fear or worry. Animals base their thoughts, feelings & emotions on the immediate environment, not on what happened previously or might happen, as people often do. We have to begin to allow out pets to teach us how to become fluid with our thoughts & be prepared to respond to what's happening in each moment through listening, patience, respect, asking questions & understanding.

We do not need to overcome things that hold no importance or significance for us. How quickly this new process of thinking is adopted, depends on the rigidity of the walls of belief we've created & our willingness to let go of what we think we already know as fact. We are not creating anything new during this process, but merely uncovering what's been hidden in plain sight all along. During our time together, our horses & dogs will become OUR teachers & we will become THEIR students. Learning how to recognize & understand the root cause of all unwanted behaviour & how to bring these unbalanced thoughts & emotions to the surface for permanent release & balancing, as well as how to recognize & understand the effects of mental & emotional imbalances on the physical body.

Like an iceberg, the bulk of behaviour's mass is found below the surface. It is what gives rise to what's visible. When we learn how to look below the surface of the physical attributes of behaviour; the tip of the iceberg, many new doors begin to open for us that were previously hidden & unavailable, through clinging to how things must be; living in the past. You will be surprised to learn just how many & the depth that these unbalanced emotions are buried within the body, as they begin to surface layer by layer, to be expressed & released. Once we begin to have these more subtle understandings & ability to help our pets release their baggage, we will have an important choice to make. Whether to commit to helping our pets release all of the baggage that we may not have had the time to complete during our often limited time together, or fall back into our comfortable mental, emotional & physical reactionary habits, which will create more baggage & bury the emotions already present even deeper into the body. 

Change isn't easy, but we must be willing to explore & accept our roles in the creation of this baggage & the countless amounts of time & repetition that went into its development. An established habit can't be erased through physical application without lengthy cookie-cutter repetition, but is much more simple through shifting the mind(s) gear by gear, from overdrive into neutral, if we're prepared to allow more than the usual hour or two. The difference between these two avenues is, one requires addressing behaviour individually, over an extended period of time, where Parameters addresses & eliminates all behaviour at once, which is possible in a single day.

Creating established unwanted habits is easy & doesn't involve any effort, but it does involve a lot of effort to redirect these long-standing & deeply habituated behaviours. This is why we work our way through the Process & into prevention, so we can begin to change behaviour as an initial spark of a thought before it has a chance to be physically expressed through the body, & never has a chance to build into a deeply embedded inferno. Changing behaviour as a thought also offers the benefit of only having to redirect a single thought, in a single moment of time & eliminates all of the behaviour extensions that will sprout like the branches of a tree, before they even happen. We don't realize just how much time & money we spend trying to change behaviour, when we can prevent it from ever happening in the first place, with a little deeper understanding & mutual discussion with our pets.

As we're learning how to understand our pet's natural language of non-verbal & expanded sensory awareness, our horses & dogs will begin to reveal hidden & sometimes deeply rooted aspects of our own baggage that we were previously unaware of. Are we ready to face the uncomfortable change of shifting our focus to become the best us that we can be? It's time to change the way we perceive & interact with our horses & dogs. When we understand exactly what they're thinking and feeling in every moment, it eliminates the surprises, the unknowns & leaves no more room for unanswered questions.

"Our horse & dog's behaviour are a mirror reflection of what's happening mentally, emotionally & physically within us. It's time to begin to accept what this mirror has to tell us, if we're sincere about understanding & changing behaviour. We must commit to doing the work on ourselves if we want to eventually remove this mirror & flow as one" 

- Tracy Courtney

Parameters Overview

Everything Begins with Parameters

When we choose to dissect & work with individual body parts, such as the feet, we are missing out on balancing other body parts that may need to be addressed first. We are habituated to ideas of fixing cars, piece by piece, that we carry into everything we do in life. It's futile to try to relax the muscle groups of a single body part, while the rest of the body is tense & ridgid. The awareness has contracted to the head space only & must be expanded through the entire body & back into the feet. Parameters relaxes the whole mind, which in turn relaxes the whole body, so this is where we will always begin our new journey into whole body health & balance

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