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Becoming certified as a Practitioner will give you the opportunity to practice your new understandings & techniques by helping people & their horses have deeper understandings of not only horses, but of their own thoughts, actions & behaviour. You will learn more detailed information, not given during workshops about the different modules being studied & important insights about working with people.  After certification, your name will be advertised on our website & other materials to help prospective clients find you. You will be expected to be professional at all times & uphold a non-judgemental, patient & understanding attitude.

This program is the opposite of everything you've learned until now & doesn't focus on the physical attributes of behaviour. There are 3 components to being 100% effective with horses 100% of the time, which begin with the mental, emotional & then lead into the physical aspects. Common methods of training focus on the horse & a series of physical goals you must reach to change behaviour, which is the third component. What is offered here is not a method, but a process of learning to understand what horses are thinking & feeling in every moment. When you can read horses in this way, it eliminates all questions about behaviour & the need to look to external sources for causes & solutions.

I am only a guide through this new process that will help you bridge the communication gap by learning how to allow your horse to become your teacher. FEARLESS is the foundation of your new understanding of horses & revolves around Emotional Balancing. You will learn how to understand & work with horses without the need for force, lunging, gadgets or learned helplessness. You will learn how to listen to your horse, redirect behaviour without correction, why addressing behaviour directly & individually is unnecessary & allow your horse to show you how to ask the right questions by allowing your horse to lead the conversation. We will delve deep into the inner workings of the human & equine mind as well as learn how stress & anxiety is caused & affects horse/human interactions mentally, emotionally & physically. 

You will begin with building a strong foundation that will provide stability later on & work through the process, leading into off-line & bridless riding. You will learn how to become one with your horse, mentally, emotionally & physically. Unlike other methods, you will not learn to focus on the physical attributes of horse behaviour initially. You will focus on the physical, mental & emotional attributes of your own behaviour. This can be a difficult challenge for many & takes a very strong willed person to complete the whole process. Do you have what it takes?

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