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We are looking for the worst behaved horses & those looking for a new way to work with horses, in order to show you how our new Emotional Balancing process will change your life. We are offering free Parameters demos in exchange for permission to video & advertise these demos. 

We will require a safe, enclosed space for the horses being provided. All auditors will be required to bring a pen & paper to facilitate a deeper understanding of just how profound these changes really are. 

Demos are to show you the power of personal space, redirection & quiet. During demos, Tracy will go through the process using non-verbal sensory awareness. Some information will be offered during strategic rest periods, but the bulk of the discussion will be left until the end, at which time will be offered a Q & A period.

Please click here Fearless Series for more information

Parameters Demo with Chance

Marina & Athena

Paula & Dan

The Thought Curtain

Equine Perceptions on Body Language

Parameters with Duke

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